VUDU iPhone / iPod Touch App Released

Interesting…. The guys at VUDU have decided to get in the the iPhone App game and release a free application [iTunes] that allows users to browse and search VUDU’s movie catalog and then make selections to rent or purchase on the spot. The idea here is that you can manage your VUDU box or boxes back at home and make selections on-the-go that will be downloaded and ready for viewing when you get back home. Initial reaction in the company’s forum seems to be positive and users are claiming that the application is pretty snappy and works well over 3G. And some users are already requesting additional features they would like to see rolled in like Wish List support and Movie Rating functionality. It seems VUDU has struck the right nerve here with their users.

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3 Reactions to “VUDU iPhone / iPod Touch App Released”

  1. Cj says:

    Yeah, too bad VUDU is laying off workers left and right and now only has a skeleton crew of about 50 bumping around empty offices.

    “It’s probably a sign of the how bad things are right now that an article that talks about layoffs and the possible need for cash infusion when there is no cash to infuse could be considered upbeat by anybody.” – Redwein, Senior VUDU Forum Member

    The iPhone app may end up being useless sooner rather than later. According to a CEPro article VUDU is looking to OEM their set top boxes. Apparently, they wanted to be a Video-on-Demand software provider all along and were just kidding about the hardware. Now VUDU wants to “piggyback on TVs, DVD players and other classes of devices.” Good luck with all of that because everybody and their Mom is a content provider these days. Does the world really need yet another VOD provider hawking 99 cent PPVs of “Office Space?”

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