DivX Pro 7 Release Adds HD H.264, AAC, and MKV Container Support

Got $20? You might be interested in picking up DivX’s latest software release, DivX Pro 7 for Windows XP/Vista (32-bit). The new application is capable of encoding 1080p HD video in H.264 with multichannel audio (AAC) and subtitle tracks all in the smoking hot MKV audio/video container. The company actually calls this new configuration the DivX Plus HD format — so keep an eye out for it when you make your next CE device purchase that supports DivX.

Feature Highlights:

  • High-performance H.264 video decoding with support for Baseline, Main, High, High 10, and High 4:2:2 profiles, full interlace support, multithreaded decoding on up to 8 CPU cores and optimizations for MMX, SSE and SSE2 instruction sets.
  • Multichannel AAC (LC/HE) decoding
  • Support for MKV files including:
    • Multiple audio tracks for multilingual audio, directors commentary or isolated musical scores
    • Multiple subtitle tracks for multilingual subtitles
    • Ordered chapters for chaining MKV files together during playback
  • Initial support for SSA and ASS subtitles which can either be stored within the MKV file or externally
  • Fast frame-accurate seeking
  • Real-time handling of interlaced H.264 video:
    • Bob de-interlace
    • Display top field only
    • Display bottom field only
    • Display weave

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4 Reactions to “DivX Pro 7 Release Adds HD H.264, AAC, and MKV Container Support”

  1. Tony from London says:

    This looks a great new release. When will there be a version which will run on a 64bit system? Sorry to sound ungrateful but a lot of professionals like us use Vista 64bit for HD video editing and authoring.

  2. Ray says:

    Looks great. It looks like you still don’t support Dolby 5.1 sound (AC3 format? If this is correct, when do you plan to support AC3 format?

  3. immi says:

    hi, i use a vista 64 edition and i install a divx 7 nice player but some problem in their mkv video fine but no sound there what should i do know and similar ask directshow decoder which decoder i download bcuz i lots of donload decoder but prob are still… plz send me solution???

  4. Stan says:

    This latest release is impressive and certainly no small feat. It’s the marriage of 2 great technologies!

    As far as AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) support. From the Wikipedia link (above), “The MPEG-2 Audio tests showed that AAC meets the requirements referred to as “transparent” for the ITU at 128 kbit/s for stereo, and 320kbit/s for 5.1 audio.” AND given that DivX recommends “5.1 Surround sound card with drivers for DirectSound”, I believe the answer to the question, “…when do you plan to support AC3 format?” is NOW – it’s in the box? BUT, I could be wrong due to the licensing costs of AC3?

    Otherwise, refer to http://labs.divx.com/node/7783#comment-10036 where “dsalmonsen”, in reference to DivX 7 states, “We support MKV with h.264 video and AAC, AC3 and MP3 audio codecs.” although I’m not certain what “We” really means…

    Also note that while the main purpose of H.264 is to provide the highest quality possible in compressed video on all devices large and small, I’m not so sure about the feasibility of 5.1 audio in a smart phone. :-)

    Otherwise, look unto transcoders although an “AC3 filter” may be required.