Slacker Personal Radio Expanding Its Service to More Devices


Interesting news coming from Slacker. The company has announced that they are now offering a mobile application for Blackberry smartphones and the iPhone / iPod Touch (Android, Symbian, Palm webOS to follow?) that frees the service from being used exclusively on a PC or Slacker designed portable music player. Interestingly, it seems, Sony has pre-announced the availability of the Slacker TV Widget (powered by the Yahoo! TV Widget Engine) in their XBR9 HDTV announcement. At the pace Slacker is going, it’s very likely we’ll be seeing ports of their service on additional handsets, digital media streamers, and connected HDTVs in the near future. The Slacker service is currently free to all PC users online at and the company also offers a premium version that allows one to create custom playlists, offers unlimited station song skips, and portable player music caching for only $3.99 a month. Think of the premium service as a combination Internet Radio + Unlimited Music Download Service rolled into one.

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