Netgear Taps Verismo Networks’ VuNow Technology for Its ITV2000 Internet TV Player

Ok. The company press release doesn’t say as much, but it’s evident from the interface screenshots that Netgear has licensed Verismo Networks’ VuNow technology to power the company’s new ITV2000 Internet TV Player. In fact, the VuNow branding is everywhere and the ITV2000 is equipped with all the same features, functions, and inputs from the $149 Verismo VN1000HD Hi-Def PoD (check the pre-production product photo). The kicker is Netgear is planning on charging an additional $50 for their device – but that surcharge might be worth it to some who’d rather buy the product off the shelf and deal with a recognized company. Product highlights: CinemaNow VoD, YouTube suppport, BitTorrent downloading, Live TV & Web Video via the VuNow network, Internet video search (powered by vTap), UPnP media streaming, and USB host functionality. MSRP $199 | Availability: Summer 2009.
* Image credit: Engadget from the show floor at CES 2009.

Full press release – here | snippet on the ITV2000 below:

Internet TV Player (ITV2000)
NETGEAR’s Internet TV Player (ITV2000) is a compact, easy-to-use, “plug in and go” Internet set-top device with a simple remote control that enables viewers to catch up on the world of Internet videos including YouTube™, live Internet TV, popular Internet video websites, premium video-on-demand and online video searches retrieving billions of Internet videos from a place it was previously unavailable — the TV in their living rooms. Rather than watching videos on PC screens in separate rooms, families can watch video from a variety of Internet sources on the TV together, in the comfort of their den or family room.

The Internet TV Player unlocks the value of new HDTVs as well as old analog TVs. It is ideal for the Internet families who enjoy online video, and for those who are geographically displaced from their preferred television content, such as international sporting events and Bollywood productions. It streams content from popular sites such as,,,,, PGATour and, as well as video powerhouses YouTube, Google Videos™, Yahoo Videos™ and MetaCafe™. NETGEAR’s Internet TV Player supports streaming of live TV broadcasts from Internet sites around the world, and premium, paid movies on demand such as, in addition to downloaded videos from sites such as BitTorrent®. Its superior VTap™ video search capabilities enable the intelligent search of Internet videos, including targeting video sites by country, topic of interest, person or popular website. Consumers are also able to play video, music, and photos from a local USB flash drive as well as from the NETGEAR ReadyNAS® family of storage solutions.

Slightly larger than a deck of cards, the compact Internet TV Player connects to the home network and the Internet via Ethernet or wireless USB adapter. It does not require a PC to play Internet video, nor does it require installing any PC software or setting up file sharing or firewall settings.

The NETGEAR Internet TV Player (ITV2000) is expected to be available in early Summer 2009 through leading retailers, e-commerce sites, and value-added resellers, at an MSRP in the U.S. of $199. More information can be found at (

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