Samsung MediaLive Media Center Extender Gets Put Under the Microscope by EngadgetHD

For those Samsung HDTV owners who’ve been saving up or putting the Samsung MediaLive on their wishlist, EngadgetHD has a review post you should have a look at before pulling the trigger on this tiny little Media Center Extender. Bottom line: It’s a nice a device if all you care about is adding Media Center Extender functionality to your TV and don’t mind not having all the new whiz-bang features now included the Xbox 360’s NXE (New Xbox Experience) for about the same price (note: the Samsung MediaLive has built-in 802.11n connectivity while the Xbox 360 does not). Interestingly, or not so interestingly, EngadgetHD found that the Samsung HDTV’s Toslink is only capable of passing two channel audio from the extender, which may put a hamper on your style if you’ve invested in a high-end home theater system.

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