Orange Wants to Create an Apple Style App Store for IPTV is reporting that France Telecom’s Orange is interested in setting up the foundation for a TV App Store that third-party developers can contribute to that will provide their services to consumers across handsets, PCs, and set-tops. From the write-up, it sounds like the set-top will be the “hub” for content gathering and distribution and then sister apps from there will be able to pull the available content for viewing and management. All in all, it’s not a bad idea – especially since it’s coming from one of Europe’s leaders in the telecom industry. What’s more, Orange’s Steve Glagow feels confident that his company (who already has a robust system in place that delivers mobile games, ringtones, VoD, and other content to handsets) can create a unified platform for developers so that they can write custom apps easily for each device type. Orange is hoping they can get developers on board in the next couple years and have a working system for consumers to use in three.

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