Neuros LINK – $300 Internet TV Set-Top / Entertainment PC

Ok. So I’m a little puzzled and intrigued by what the Neuros LINK is supposed to be exactly. A quick once over reveals that Neuros is intent on jumping on the Internet TV bandwagon by releasing a set-top capable of providing access to content from popular online video portals like Hulu, YouTube, Fancast, NBC, CNN, CBS, and others. The kicker is they’re following ZeeVee’s Zviewer approach by offering a custom browser-based content portal to navigate media from the various providers; BUT the system is also being bundled with a slew of popular free open-source software (MPlayer, VLC, Xine) on top a full installation of Ubuntu 8.10! As you can imagine, the potential of this living room friendly, HD capable $300 box is seemingly endless — if you’re comfortable playing in the Linux environment. (Something tells me we’ll be seeing users installing Boxee on here in no time.) Full specs below | ZNF Photo Gallery: Unboxing & Setup.

The technical specifications for the Gamma version of the Neuros LINK are as follows.

  • AMD Athlon LE-1660 or similar
  • Supported: AMD AM2+/AM2
  • North Bridge: AMD 780G
  • South Bridge: AMD SB700
  • Onboard Video Chipset: ATI Radeon HD 3200
  • Memory: 1GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Expansion Slots:
    • Unused PCI Express: 1
    • Unused PCI: 1
  • Storage Devices:
    • PATA: 1 internal ATA100, 2 devices max
    • SATA: 5 internal at 3Gb/s
  • Onboard Audio
    • Audio Chipset: Realtek ALC1200
    • Audio Channels: 8 Channels
    • Onboard LAN: 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Ports:
    • PS/2: 1
    • HDMI and DVI
    • USB 2.0: 8 (though 2 are in use)
    • IEEE 1394a (firewire): 1
    • eSATA: 1 at 3Gb/s
    • S/PDIF Out: 1x Optical
    • Audio Ports: 6 Ports
  • 802.11 g/b WiFi, up to 54Mbps
  • Capable of 1080p H.264 video playback
  • 115/240V Power Supply Unit
  • Housing: 300mm x 90mm x 326mm (11.8″ x 3.5″ x 12.8″)
  • Noise: under 27dB
  • Controller: 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard trackball controller
  • Software:
    • Seamless integration with Neuros.TV, a free service that lets you organize and watch Internet TV on your TV
    • Neuros distribution of Ubuntu 8.10
    • Open-source video players (MPlayer, VLC, Xine). A comprehensive list of formats, containers and media can be found on the websites of the above video players.
  • Audio provided to all output ports via the new PulseAudio sound server giving the Link the ability to do sound over all channels, ports, and even via network.

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3 Reactions to “Neuros LINK – $300 Internet TV Set-Top / Entertainment PC”

  1. Nnyan says:

    why do they release these devices without wifi-N? Really?

  2. JoeBorn says:

    you can add 802.11n via PCI card if you want. If this is a common request, then we could certainly use N instead of G. There might be a slight cost increase.

  3. I second the motion for 802.11n. Thanks Joe for letting us know the company is considering it!