Windows 7 Internet TV Teaser Screenshot

While there’s no concrete details as to who Microsoft will be partnering to bring Internet TV content to Windows 7 Media Center, Chris Lanier has posted a screenshot of what’s currently showing up in the electronic programming guide. My guess is that Microsoft will be tapping into their already existing network of media content, but you never know… we could see services from Hulu, Fancast, etc. being accessible. I still like my earlier idea that Microsoft should leverage Windows Live to easily push online subscription content channels to Media Center as well. Interestingly, I’m seeing that the program guide is showing individual network channels (i.e. ABC, FOX, NBC) in the Internet TV section, so a partnership with the likes of Hulu may be kind of redundant. Or no? Granted, Hulu does offer an incredible TV archive you won’t find on network-only sites.

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2 Reactions to “Windows 7 Internet TV Teaser Screenshot”

  1. mgoode says:

    It’s great to see how technology companies are combining network entertainment into everyday technology. This reminds me of the Vcast TV for the Motorola Krave. I’ve been a fan of the Krave ever since I started working with Motorola. It’s definitely worth checking out online at

  2. Steve says:

    The screenshot looks more like a program guide for off-the-air (OTA) digital television channels.

    Notice the 5.1 “KingDT” and 5.2 “KingDT2”. This is the same format that tv channels use for digital and sub-channels in my area (Houston).