Netflix HD Streaming Previewed in New Xbox Experience

Sweet! It looks like HD video content is very much going to be a reality from Netflix; and the Xbox 360 is going to be the first to bring it to users. According to Engadget, who’ve just published a hands-on impression article on the New Xbox Experience (NXE), state that the “quality was stunning.” Darren Murph at Engadget followed up on this new feature and discovered that HD Netflix Streaming is currently in a “soft launch” with about 300 titles available for viewing. Interestingly, neither Netflix’s Watch Instantly for PC, Netflix Playber by Roku, LG BD300 or Samsung P2500/P2550 Blu-ray players will be able to access or play any of the new HD content — at least for now.

UPDATE 1: It appears that “full” Netflix HD video will only be playable on HDCP compliant HDMI / DVI TVs & computer monitors, according to Format War Central and Gizmodo. Component connections also seem to work, but some belive that it may become limited to 480p resolution. Engadget currently has a post up claiming that 1080i via Component is working just fine with Netflix HD.

UPDATE 2: Gizmodo is reporting that the Neflix Player by Roku will begin supporting Netflix HD Streaming in December 2008.

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