Linksys Revamps Powerline Network Adapter Line

Cisco is announcing their revamped Powerline adapters for the Linksys brand. The changes to the devices are mostly cosmetic. The new adapters are sleeker, black, and are redesigned to not impede on the second port in a standard wall socket. The new line comes in two forms, the Turbo and AV. Powerline Turbo is built to the HomePlug Turbo standard and is used to connect traditional data devices like computers and printers. Powerline AV uses the HomePlug AV standard and opens the bandwidth for gaming and media transfers. Both versions become available in November and each is available as the adapter alone, the adapter with a built in four-port switch, or as a kit with one adapter and one adapter/switch.

Cisco releases new Linksys by Cisco Powerline product portfolio

New Linksys by Cisco Powerline AV and Powerline Turbo products offer space saving design and enhanced connectivity

Cisco today revealed its renewed line-up of Linksys by Cisco Powerline adapters that are designed to allow consumers to extend their existing wired or wireless network throughout the home leveraging existing electrical wiring. With these Powerline adapters, any wall socket can be transformed into a network connection to connect devices such as game consoles, TVs or computers to the home network. The new space saving design makes the adapters easy to use and won’t hinder the use of the second port of a standard power outlet. Along with the standard adapter that enables one network connection, there will also be an adapter with integrated four port switch made available in both Turbo and AV specification.

Powerline is a complementary technology to Wi-Fi and is a great solution for homes with heavy steel constructions or other radio signal blocking objects. Because Powerline technology leverages the existing electrical wiring that is already installed throughout the home there is no need for drilling holes in walls or installing network cables.

Multiple devices can be connected throughout the home network using additional HomePlug adapters, enabling the sharing of resources like printers and enable access to video, music or digital photos. “Using Powerline technology to connect your devices at home is an ideal supplement to wireless networking,” said Jens Hofmeister, director of product management, Cisco Consumer Business Group. “Because it can be used in perfect harmony with existing home networks, Powerline helps ensure that consumers get the most out of their home network, but more importantly enjoy their content throughout the home, by helping to connect all of the devices in a secure and easy way.”

Linksys by Cisco Powerline products will be available in two different versions: Turbo and AV. Built to the HomePlug Turbo standard, Powerline Turbo products are designed for traffic such as internet browsing or sending and receiving e-mail or to connect a printer to the network for example. The faster Powerline AV products are built to the HomePlug AV standard, and are optimised for applications that require more bandwidth such as high-definition video streaming or gaming.

Powerline products are delivered with a preconfigured password that can be changed by running the installation wizard. The products work straight out of the box – installation is as easy as connecting the cables and plugging the adapters in a nearby power socket.

The Linksys by Cisco Powerline AV and Powerline Turbo products are available starting in November from Linksys e-commerce resellers, retailers, and VAR partners as a kit that includes a single adapter and an adapter with integrated four-port switch, or as individual units to further extend a network.

MSRP Pricing details:
PLTE300 – PowerLine Turbo Ethernet Bridge $69.99
PLTS300 – PowerLine Turbo 4-Port Ethernet Bridge $89.99
PLTK300 – Kit with PowerLine Turbo 4-Port Ethernet Bridge + Ethernet Bridge $149.99
PLE300 – PowerLine AV Ethernet Bridge $89.99
PLS300 – PowerLine AV 4-Port Ethernet Bridge $99.99
PLK300 – Kit with PowerLine AV 4-Port Ethernet Bridge + Ethernet Bridge $179.99

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