Google Gears Adds Capability to Inform Websites Where You’re Surfing From

Google is announcing that the company is now embedding its geolocation technology into Google Gears, Chrome and the Android platform. The new Gears Geolocation API, which the company says is targeting Wi-Fi laptops, is designed so developers can determine where a user is located within a 200 meter range and provide relevant information like… where the nearest hotels are or a product special in their vicinity. Scary? Kind of. Google assures us that our location data is securely transmitted and that users can opt which websites are allowed to access this information. Interestingly, Google is proposing to submit a simplified version of the Geolocation API as a WC3 specification for future web browsers to embed their technology by default (first up Firefox 3.1). If you’re interested in giving it a spin, or want nothing to do with it but want to learn more, visit [via / via]

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