KeepVault Online Backup for Windows Home Server

With more and more people creating and storing digital media and data, it’s become vitally important to store your content in a secure location; for some that may be on network-attached storage server at home, while for others it may be with an online hosting services. A company called Proxure asks: Why not both? If you own a Windows Home Server, Proxure has made a WHS add-on available [2.30 release details] that will sync your important files to their online backup service and help you keep track of how much space you’re using along with the option to delete hosted files directly from the WHS console. As an example of the pricing structure, 200GB of web storage will run you $188/yr with KeepVault compared to $350 for Amazon S3’s service. Downside: there’s a 5GB max file size limit. [via / via]

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3 Reactions to “KeepVault Online Backup for Windows Home Server”

  1. MitchSchaft says:

    Booo, when will there be an FTP option so I can backup directly to my own webspace? Of course, nobody will make money off that so why create it, eh?

  2. Casey says:

    Go Proxure. Bout time you got Keep Vault for WHS ready! Good Stuff.