Xbox 360 Users Can Receive a Free Memory Unit for New Xbox Experience

The long awaited release of the new Xbox 360 dashboard, dubbed the “Xbox Experience”, which, among other things, will allow streaming media for Netflix subscribers, has a release date of November 19. The twist in the announcement for this date is that Microsoft is going out of its way to ensure that all 360 owners will be able to enjoy the new features. Microsoft has announced that owners of the core version of the Xbox 360 may qualify for a free 512MB memory unit and a refurbished 20GB hard drives for $20. Arcade version owners may buy the same refurbished drive for $30 which includes three months of Xbox Live. The dashboard update is said to consume a minimum of 128MB, while the Netflix feature requires an additional 8MB. In other words, the memory unit will handle the entire update. To find out if you qualify, you will need the console ID and serial number for your Xbox. Both of these are found in the “system” area of the dashboard. [via]

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3 Reactions to “Xbox 360 Users Can Receive a Free Memory Unit for New Xbox Experience”

  1. chili says:

    “Netflix features require at least 8GB”
    That is one serious typo! It should read 8MB.

  2. Chris Shore says:

    Gigabyte, megabyte, what’s the difference? Seriously, thanks for pointing that out, chili.

  3. NAS says:

    Dude.. its not free if u have to pay 30 bucks, I got mine for 40!