The End for RealDVD Appears to Be Near is reporting that federal judge, Marilyn Hall Patel, has decided to place an indefinite ban on Real Networks’ RealDVD software which the MPAA claims violates the DMCA — even though Real defends that its software in no way circumvents DVD encrpytion and in fact makes a bit for bit digital copy of the contents of a DVD disc to a users hard drive (details on how RealDVD works and its usage). Patel reaffirmed: “I’m not satisfied that in fact this technology is not in violation of the DMCA.” What’s worrisome is that the judge appears to agree with the MPAA attorney that fair use (or the right for people to make digital backup copies of their purchased media) is no defense to DMCA circumvention violations. In other words, the law trumps personal freedoms. (So, again, ask yourself… Who really owns your digital media collection?) adds that it’s not likely that a final judgement will come until after the holiday season. [via]

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