Sanyo’s New Blue Laser Diode to Increase Blu-ray Disc Capacity from 25GB to 100GB

It’s hard to imagine what more Hollywood Studios will be willing to bundle in to a Blu-ray disc with a 100GB of capacity, but here we are. According to PC World, Sanyo’s new blue laser can “emit a beam of 450 milliwatts, which is about double the power of Sanyo’s current highest power laser for Blu-ray Disc systems. The higher power means it can write and read data on discs with up to four data layers and at speeds of up to 12X.” In other words, 12X speeds means users will be able to burn a 100GB disc with 8 hours of HD video in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, most Blu-ray players these days only support 6X speed double-layer discs, so one can only conclude that this new tech will either require people to buy new players, if Hollywood embraces the technology, or be limited as a niche technology for Blu-ray disc publishing on a PC for video work and/or data backup duties. Sanyo says devices with the new diode should be available within the next two to three years.

Aside: One neat thing I can think of that Hollywood could do with this is bundle in a full version of a console game based on the feature film. We’ve seen some examples along these lines at a smaller level already being included, but a PS3/PC title written on the same disc as the movie (for roughly the same price) would be awesome. Of course, there’s other opportunties for multiple smaller video format versions to used for on-the-go viewing on portable devices.

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