My Movies for Windows Home Server Coming Soon

Ian Dixon at teased readers over the weekend by posting screenshots of the unannounced My Movies add-in for Windows Home Server (My Movies was originally designed for Windows MCE 2005 and now works with Vista). As of right now the add-in is not presently available, but we’re learning that it will include a fully automated Disc Copier and store disc meta-data in a way that’s compatible with Microsoft DVD Library, Niveus Movie Library, Open Media Library, Media Portal, and XBMC. Stay tuned to The Media Center Show where Ian will soon be posting his podcast interview with My Movies developer Brian Binnerup.

UPDATE: My Movies for Windows Home Server Now Available

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3 Reactions to “My Movies for Windows Home Server Coming Soon”

  1. Johnk says:

    How is this any different than just copying all your movies to your WHS and mapping that folder to be played by MyMovies in MCE? My DVD Library doesn’t show MyMovies now so that would be a bonus, but there’s probably a way to hack that that I just haven’t looked up.

  2. Johnk: It’s different in some ways:

    1. Today, a My Movies client is running folder monitoring, meaning that adding meta-data is done on the client only. The WHS version monitores your shares on WHS and adds meta-data to the folders. For VIDEO_TS folders that DVD library plays, you can then hook up the DVD library to the WHS and get automatic meta-data.

    2. It contains an automated disc copier – put in a disc, and see it come out 20 min later, and it’s added, and indexed with meta-data on your WHS.

    3. It does not make DVD library play titles it does not already play, so no difference here.

    If you already are using My Movies with a Server/Client senario, the main difference is that monitoring happens on the WHS and not on the client, and that you get an automated disc copier.



  3. Johnk says:

    Thanks for the clarification Brian. I love MyMovies and will definitely get the app when it is released.