New Must-Have Add-In for Windows Vista Media Center: clipShow

Ever wish you could show off all your digital camera’s video clips as easily as you do your photos on VMC? Well, guess what? chandler72 has released a free Beta app called clipShow on Microsoft’s CodePlex that does just that. What’s more, users can create playlists, play clips by date / tags, or set clipShow to rotate through random clips at timed playback intervals (30 / 60 / 90 seconds) or their entirety. [via]

UPDATE: I see that Stuart at The Media Center Blog has posted nice walk-through and review of clipShow. Give it a look — lots of screenshots provided.

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2 Reactions to “New Must-Have Add-In for Windows Vista Media Center: clipShow”

  1. raaaaaa says:

    this is a great piece of software, my only complaint is that you have to have all the clips in one location, it doesn’t dig down through folders. this is no good for me because I keep all the clips in the same folder that the pictures are in. hopefully this will be updated

  2. chandler72 says:

    To have clipShow “dig” into other folders, simply place a shortcut in the C:\Users\yourname\Videos folder or the C:\Users\Public\Videos folder.
    The plug-in will follow shortcut links and index content it finds in those linked directories.
    As an alternative you may also run the clipShow playlist creator (it can be found in the Program Library) to add media files not found during startup.