Intelliremote 1.1 iPhone Client Adds Virtual Keyboard and Mouse Functionality

Looks like Intelliremote got a bit more intelligent. The developer of Intelliphone has, as you can see in the screenshots, added virtual keyboard and mouse functionality to his app that I’m sure many people will appreciate. Sure, it’s cool to have all the MCE and Universal Remote buttons available to you via your iPhone / iPod Touch interface, but these two latest additions bring Intelliphone just about on par with a hardware solution like the $149 Logitech diNovo Mini, but for only $24. [via]

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4 Reactions to “Intelliremote 1.1 iPhone Client Adds Virtual Keyboard and Mouse Functionality”

  1. Melloware says:

    That is correct! A guy I work with bought the 150$ Logitech Dinovo Mini for controlling a Kiosk plasma TV on the wall at their company. They saw my app and wished they had just splurged 50$ more for an iPod Touch and they would have had the same functionality with Intelliremote only also have a kick butt iPod Touch too!

  2. Out of curiosity… are you planning on porting your mobile app to Android, Symbian, or Maemo (Nokia Tablet)?

  3. Melloware says:

    Hey Alexander,

    Well I had definitely planned on an “Intellidroid” version for Android since I know Java and Eclipse platform really well and that is the Android IDE and SDK platform. As for Symbian or Maemo not sure but I work with two guys begging me to throw away my iPhone and start working on Symbian apps for them since they own expensive Nokia Symbian phones. :)

  4. Gugi says:

    Btw, that’s really cool, but how do you send ctrl-o for instance???