Niveus Movie Library Goes Primetime!

Designed exclusively for Niveus Media customers, the Niveus Movie Library is a robust movie management tool that aggregates an entire movie collection into one distinct and intelligent interface. Upgraded to accommodate a growing number of movie sources, Niveus Movie Library 1.5 now features: disc-in-drive support; a 10’ interface for backing up movies to the Niveus Media Server; and expanded metadata with high resolution cover art (including Blu-ray!).

“Niveus Movie Library 1.5 represents the original vision of this product,” states Tim Cutting, CEO and Co-Founder, Niveus Media. “Coupling our new storage server, Cargo, with the enhanced Niveus Movie Library, our customers can now back up, download, store, and access their entire movie collection through the easy-to-use Niveus interface.”

In a 3U chassis designed for a/v rack-mount installation, the new Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition is capable of storing thousands of movies, in multiple formats. For the serious movie buffs, additional Cargo storage servers can be easily added to enable a modular upgrade path to the most flexible and powerful movie management system on the market.

Rather than having separate catalogues for multiple movie sources, Niveus sought to create a single, artful solution to engage movie enthusiasts and viewers. The slick style of Movie Library offers an encompassing display, rich cover art, and even a recommended movie feature; when one movie is selected a “You may also like” scrollbar at the bottom of the screen is enabled, displaying similar movies within the user’s collection.

Niveus Movie Library supports all possible movie formats including DVDs, Blu-ray Disc, recorded TV movies, WMV, VideoGiants, Amazon Unbox, and more.

With the combination of the latest Niveus Movie Library software and Cargo Edition, Niveus customers are offered the most encompassing movie experience.

Niveus Movie Library Version 1.5 is now available for download in the Niveus Software Labs, the hub for exclusive Niveus software updates.

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Founded in 2003, Silicon Valley based Niveus Media, Inc. manufactures award-winning media server hardware and software solutions, optimized to manage all HD entertainment in multi-zone applications. With the most advanced media servers, storage servers, proprietary software and service technologies, Niveus revolutionizes the aggregation, distribution, and enjoyment of today’s digital media.

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