Video Review: ASUS Eee Box at Hot Hardware

Not bad. Hot Hardware has posted a video review of the ASUS Eee Box and came away fairly impressed by the small-form-factor, Intel Atom based PC. What’s interesting – or should I say thoughtful – is that ASUS is including a VESA 100 adapter plate so you can mount the diminutive computer to the back of a flat screen monitor. The Eee Box was tested running a full 720p video and came away with flying colors, but suffered considerably with 1080p video. If 720p is sufficient for you and you don’t mind the lack of HDMI, the sub-$350 Eee Box still looks like a great low cost contender for a MythTV frontend or lightweight HTPC (will require an external TV tuner).

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1 Reaction to “Video Review: ASUS Eee Box at Hot Hardware”

  1. System Guru says:

    I picked up an Eee Box yesterday, wiped it and installed OpenSUSE 11.0. Works like a charm! It is very fast, considering it is an Atom processor. Full blown OpenSUSE takes just over 5G disk space. I am in the process of tweaking the OS for better WiFi and video operation, which are the only marginal areas that I found in it’s operation. This is a Hot System!!!