PlayTV for PlayStation 3 Gets a Downgrade

Man, this sucks. The highly anticipated PlayTV DVB-T adapter that was supposed to allow PS3 users in Europe to record TV shows and transfer their recordings to memory stick, PC, or PSP has been neutered, according to Eurogamer. The device, in conjunction with the PS3, will now only “stream” live or recorded content to a PSP using Remote Play functionality. And, oh yeah… HD signal recording got nixed too (may be available in the future). Look for the emasculated PlayTV (Promo Video) this September for 69.99 GBP.

A look back in time (02/26/2008) regarding PlayTV recording and content transfer…

Mark Bunting, Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, tells Gizmodo:

We’ve talked to our legal department about it. All we’re doing is moving it out of PlayTV and to the cross-media bar as if it was any other recording. So hopefully users won’t do stuff they shouldn’t do with it…If I’m prohibited from getting the recording off and storing it somewhere else because some other dude is making money out of selling it, then I’d rather they brought the law in to catch those people.

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4 Reactions to “PlayTV for PlayStation 3 Gets a Downgrade”

  1. lonewolf8 says:

    Screw that! If it can’t record and save HD content, what’s the point?
    I’ll wait and see if they fix this, otherwise, forget it!

  2. TimonUK says:

    I was really really looking forward to PlayTV, it sounded like a good piece of quality sony kit, but the scrapping of the ability to transfer MY tv recordings to where I want them is bad enough, but to scrap HDTV recording too has just made my decision easier.

    I’ve just ordered a SKY+ box.

    Damn you sony!

  3. cam says:

    Can someone please remove this post, as it is now obviously incorrect and out of date. PlayTV allows you to transfer files to the home XMB menu, where it can be transferred to USB, etc. Also has HD abilities.

    Still needs to be officially released here in oz which will hopefully iron out a few glitches … we’re waiting Sony.


  4. I’d be happy to update this post (though I’m not going to take this one down because a product’s status may have changed) if you can point me to some links that confirm your claims. Thanks. When I have a bit more time I’ll check out some of the reviews on the Net. Here’s one:

    UPDATE: From the above review link…

    On USB transfer

    One of the controversial points on PlayTV has been the can-you-can’t-you with copying these files to other locations. Once a file is on the XMB, it can be copied to a PSP, USB stick or memory card, however, it is in M2TS format, which we found our PSP wouldn’t recognise and our PC wouldn’t play either (but we didn’t examine third-party conversion options, which do exist). You could, however, dump masses of TV onto memory cards, if that’s your thing.

    Regarding HD via DVB-T (at least in the UK)

    Many people have asked about HD support, but whilst we are still in a terrestrial broadcast HD wilderness, I think £70 is a price worth paying – after all, if you paid out for a PVR, you’d experience the same HD dilemmas. This isn’t Sky+ HD and it isn’t Freesat: it’s a DVB-T tuner. What can be achieved in the future with updates remains to be seen.

    Commenter Chrishall @ Pocket-lint on the review

    There have been a lot of mixed messages about PlayTV and the is it/isn’t it debate surrounding HD. It distinctly said in the information that it has twin DVB-T tuners, i.e., the current Freeview standard.

    The standard that should provide terrestrial HD is DVB-T2; the UK is expected to be first in line to roll out DVB-T2.

    That’s not to say that DVB-T cannot handle HD content: it can with MPEG2 and MPEG4 encoding, for example in Australia and France respectively, so yes a firmware update might bring changes but it will depend on how HD is being broadcast in your territory.

    In summary:

    • HD is possible to record (depending on your location)
    • Remote Play is the only way you can view the content on the PSP
    • Transfering recordings to a PSP, Memory Card or PC can be done, but most player don’t natively support M2TS file playback (may work if you can find an app that can transcode them to a compatible format)