Nokia Takes Control of Your Computer’s iTunes

The newest member to the Media Maestro LSX family, Media Maestro Mini, a free download as part of the Media Maestro LSX remote control software solution, makes its way on to more devices. Maestro Mini now lets users turn their Nokia web tablet (N770, N800, N810) into a wireless remote control for Apple iTunes or Windows Media Player loaded on their home PC.

Turning their Nokia into a media remote control allows Maestro Mini users to browse their libraries while viewing album art, adjusting stereo controls, viewing song lyrics, and experiencing a realm of other features all in the palm of their hand.

“We wanted to make Media Maestro a software remote control, that you can install once on your PC, and then control your media from just about any other device,” said Maestro creator David Hanford. “The palm sized Nokia web tablets with built in touch screens are a perfect companion for Maestro Mini’s small display with easy touch buttons.”

The Maestro Mini was designed for touch control on small screens (between 3 and 7 in.) This makes the controls easy to use while lounging on the sofa, without having to reach for the tiny Nokia stylus.

This release of Media Maestro Mini comes only a few months after the announcement of support for the Sony Playstation Portable. The company reports that they plan to continue adding supported devices while expanding the capabilities of the Maestro LSX applications.

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