Open Media Library Beta 0.1 Rolls Out to the Public

It was just back in April when a software developer on The Green Button forum suggested that the community should get together and produce an open-source clone of Niveus’ Movie Library – an add-on application first demo’d at EHX in March that exclusively provided Niveus PC users a way to manage their DVDs, stored video, and recorded TV content via Windows Vista Media Center. Unfortunately, for Niveus (who I’m sure were showcasing their application as a product differentiator) the Open Media Library project (hosted at Google Code and licensed under GPL v3) picked up a following of enthusiastic supporters and to date has a total of 4 project owners and 7 project members leading the development. [Beta Announcement]

Okay, so now that you know a little bit about the background of Open Media Library, what can you do with the Beta release? According to the project page, users can view and organize their ripped movies, add metadata to recordings, and access available content via Vista Media Center (x86/x64) or through Media Center Extenders like the Xbox 360. In essence, OML is now the easiest way to stream your ripped DVD movies to a Media Center Extender. Bonus: support for Blu-ray/HD-DVD ISO playback is included.

Features included in 0.1b

  • Mymovies Xml support (one single file)
  • VIDEO_TS playback
  • Image file playback with auto-mounting/unmounting using Daemon Tools (iso, bin, cue, img, udf)
  • Codec based playback support
  • DVD Library manager support
  • DVD Profiler Xml support (one single file)
  • Movie Collectorz Xml support (one single file)
  • Image caching for speed in loading images (using VirtualList class)
  • Command Line app to import data into OML database
  • multi-file (single movie in multiple files) playback support (auto create playlists)
  • Extender support
  • Support for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD ISO files
  • Triple tap: jumping to movie by using letters on remote control
  • Filter by genre, rating, date, runtime, year etc
  • UI based setup (importers, daemontools settings, etc)
  • Metadata editor

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