Blockbuster Movie Downloads Active in Private Beta

What a tease! ZNF got a screenshot from one its readers that shows Blockbuster is offering select members access to movie downloads for rent or purchase. Unfortunately, there are no other details on the price and format the movies will be delivered in, but what I can see is that the majority of the selections available for download are new releases. Let me repeat NEW RELEASES – unlike Netflix that only offers limited older flicks for instant streaming. We’ll update you as we learn more.

I think the deal breaker for a lot of people will be if Blockbuster decides to forgo free, unlimited instant streaming (or downloads in Blockbuster’s case) in exchange for limited monthly downloads as part of a subscription package. But then again… that might not be bad either if it can save you a trip for in-store movie exchanges.

Aside: Since this new service is obviously the fruits of the Movelink acquisition by Blockbuster, it seems like Blockbuster has the mechanism in place (with a little tweaking) to deliver its service to set-tops, extenders, and media center PCs that Movelink is already powering (search).

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