Netflix Game Console Streaming Exclusive to the Xbox 360?

Hmmm. Besides providing viewers with an interesting walkthrough of the new Netflix streaming capabilities integrated in to Xbox Experience, Major Nelson drops the bomb that the partnership with Microsoft is an exclusive one (actually, the official PR said as much). In other words, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 owners will never have the capability to stream movies from Netflix. This kind of sucks. We were lead to believe that Netflix was exploring delivering movies to subscribers “in as many ways as possible” back in March, as well as, customer surveys (Netflix PS3 survey screenshot). This seems as ridiculous to me as Amazon opting to only provide their new Video-on-Demand service to just the PlayStation 3 console – it doesn’t make sense financially, it limits the growth of the service, and it locks out a large segment of the subscribers.

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4 Reactions to “Netflix Game Console Streaming Exclusive to the Xbox 360?”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hahaha. Sorry Netflix will get all console owners because all non-xbox console owners will soon be upgrading their old and busted PS3s and Wiis for a system they can play all the best games on.

    Mass Effect 1,2, and 3
    Bioshock 1 and 2 (prior to a year later)
    Gears of war
    God of War – soon coming to Xbox
    Fable 2

    etc etc etc . . .

  2. GregW says:

    Don’t feel bad… maybe the PS3 will sign an exclusive deal with Blockbuster/Movielink.

    Also, who would want to watch a movie on a Wii? It doesn’t even do HD, does it? That’s half the reason I’m not interested in a Wii. Imagine what would happen if you accidentally dropped the Wii remote while watching a movie… it’ll be interpreted as ‘move up 3 chapters, back 2 chapters, turn on subtitles for Spanish, and change the audio channel to French’.

  3. GregW says:

    At the end of the video, he says his name is Larry. I thought his real name was Major Nelson. Is “Major Nelson” a fictional character made up of several people, like Dr. GUI from the old MSDN magazines?

    I watched the E3 coverage available for download on my XBox 360 AND my PS3 and I have to say the PS3 coverage is much better. They have 3 long, and nicely-produced HD files, about 1.3 GB each of the whole keynote (or most of it) while Microsoft has portions of their keynote broken down into bite-size chunks in what looks like 320×240 video over a crude background. The PS3 keynote has a nice, animated scene that shows sales facts and figures, but Microsoft doesn’t. They didn’t even include much footage of the girl doing a demo of their LIPS product.

    Both boxes can download movies now, so that’s nice. The movie terms and prices seem about the same but of course the XBox has a much bigger selection. I like how the PS3 uses dollars and cents so you know what you’re paying, instead of how the XBox does it: Microsoft points.

    The new XBox interface scares me…. I don’t mind change; I just hope they don’t go crazy with avatars and it ends up looking like Microsoft BOB!

    Based on the E3 videos I downloaded, I think the PS3 is more impressive. They’re keynote video is so much better.

  4. yardman says:

    LOL They have Blu-ray!