Westell Awarded Next-Generation Home Gateway Business at Verizon

Westell Technologies announced today that they have been selected by Verizon to provide high-performance broadband home routers that upgrade the speed and capabilities of FiOS services. Westell’s UltraLine Series3 Gateway, with its WireSpeed® routing technology and dual-core processor, allows Verizon to leverage the capacity of their fiber-to-the-home network while enabling new applications like media sharing, home monitoring, and home control.

The UltraLine Series3 model 9100 combines residential gateway and digital home controller functions to enable the delivery of a comprehensive set of broadband services. Its routing technology, dual-core architecture, and an advanced data processing engine ensure that content passing through the device is delivered at the maximum available speed and without impacting other embedded services or management functions. Verizon will deploy a version of the product that includes MoCA technology to provide speeds of more than 100 Mbps to networked devices over existing coaxial cable in the home.

An award winner at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, Westell’s UltraLine Series3 offers the ability to deliver new and unique in-home services. Applications can include home environmental controls, home monitoring with plug-and-play equipment, or media sharing among digital media players, set-top boxes, and networked game consoles.

“We are particularly thrilled by this announcement,” said Tim Pillow, Westell chief marketing officer. “This business award, along with Verizon’s selection of our VDSL gateway for multi-dwelling applications, places Westell at the heart of the FiOS-connected home with our flagship product. Verizon is a highly valued customer and partner; we look forward to serving them well.”

Volume shipments of Westell’s UltraLine Series3 Gateway to Verizon are expected to begin in August of 2008.

About Westell
Westell Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: WSTL) headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a holding company for Westell, Inc. and ConferencePlus, Inc. Westell, Inc. designs and develops broadband telecommunications access products. ConferencePlus, Inc. is a collaborative Application Service Provider that manages and hosts voice, video, IP applications and back-office services. Additional information can be obtained by visiting Westell’s web site at www.westell.com.

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