MyMote iPhone App for MythTV Control Released

Attached are a couple screenshots and a video of the new open-source iPhone app for MythTV called MyMote. According to the project’s website, MyMote is fully configurable frontend that allows users to control their MythTV powered Linux HTPC and provides users with a real-time program guide, allowing one to scan available programs or set recordings. MyMote has been submitted for App Store review on July 1st, so Apple should hopefully make it available soon. Interested parties, who can’t wait, can download it now and follow the developer’s Ad hoc install instructions. [via]

Aside: I’m sure many people would love to see MyMote and MythTV for iPhone merged into kick-ass app — just for continuity sake. Actually, now that I think about it, since there’s nothing to install on your iPhone from MythTV for iPhone, all you’d need to do is add a button to MyMote that launches MythTV for iPhone to get instant video streaming of previously recorded shows (should be simple enough).

MyMote Demo

MythTV for iPhone

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3 Reactions to “MyMote iPhone App for MythTV Control Released”

  1. Vincent Bova says:

    This is a great innovation; however would love to see it more geared toward the custom installation industry by having the ability to communicate with equipment through walls and doors, etc.

  2. Fernando Ruza says:

    Could it be possible to attach the iphone to a screen/TV/TFT like a real mythtv frontend ??

  3. […] the iPhone two apps have been developed so far, RR gh and MyMote. I have not been able to test them yet but it looks promising. Share and […]