TuneUp Media Launches Must-Have Companion for iTunes to Fix Mislabeled Music Collections and Find Missing Cover Art for iPods and iPhones

TuneUp Media solves a major problem in digital music consumption with today’s release of its revolutionary companion for iTunes. As consumers have amassed larger personal music libraries, a majority contain incorrect or missing song information (metadata) and/or cover art. The TuneUp Companion is designed to fix this growing problem by enabling users to clean up, organize, and explore their music collections to a degree never before possible. A must-have for all music lovers, the iTunes plug-in automatically fixes mislabeled song information, finds missing cover art, shows upcoming concerts, and delivers music videos, bios, news, and recommendations.

The “killer feature” of TuneUp is its music “clean” function. “Clean” takes an “audio fingerprint” of mislabeled tracks in a user’s library, and fills in the missing information using Gracenote®’s Global Media Database of more than 90 million songs. No more “Track 01’s” or “Unknown Artists”. No more “Jayz”, “Jay-Z”, and “jay Z”. Additionally, TuneUp delivers missing cover art for a user’s collection, vastly improving the iTunes/iPhone/iPod “cover flow” navigation experience.

In addition to cleaning a user’s music library, TuneUp delivers valuable and contextual content seamlessly beside iTunes. TuneUp automatically displays upcoming concerts for every artist in their collection, and fetches related merchandise, videos, fan blogs, news and industry websites related to any playing track. Best of all, TuneUp does this all automatically, without asking users to fill out extra forms or create lists of favorite artists and albums from scratch.

“While the transition to digital music collections has improved and simplified our lives in many ways, it has made them more difficult in others,” says Gabriel Adiv, CEO and founder of TuneUp. “We created TuneUp to make it simple to organize and complete your music collection. At the same time, we wanted to create a way for people to explore their music and find new content without having to leave iTunes. As a music lover, I use many of the new technologies and services out there, yet still felt something fundamental was missing from my own music library. This is why we created TuneUp.”

The first version of TuneUp runs as a companion to iTunes, the world’s most popular music software. While TuneUp is currently available for iTunes for Windows only, the Mac version is currently undergoing testing for a fall launch. The company plans to expand support to other mainstream music players as well. A full-featured, free version of TuneUp is available with 500 “cleans” and 50 cover art “finds”., An unlimited version of TuneUp can be purchased for a one-time charge of $19.95 or for an annual subscription of $11.95

About TuneUp Media
TuneUp Media are the music lovers behind the TuneUp Companion, a software plug-in that enhances the digital music experience. TuneUp automatically “cleans” mislabeled tracks in a user’s library, finds missing cover art, and presents useful, fun and contextual information to users, including: concerts, music videos, news and more. The TuneUp companion is currently available for iTunes, with support for other major media players planned for the near future. Based in San Francisco, the company was founded in 2007 by Gabriel Adiv and Raza Zaidi.

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