Cirgon Will Ship a Fedora Linux HTPC – Encore Media Server

Coming in August 2008, digital media company Cirgon will begin selling a Fedora Linux-based HTPC dubbed Encore Media Server. The Encore will be an exciting addition to any HD-based home theater setup, providing playback and management of music, photos, and 1080i HD video.

It’s no surprise that the design of the Encore is focused primarily on photo and music management, since Cirgon is well known for their digital media products. What makes this product different than the rest of the product line is that this product doesn’t ship with it’s own screen. Instead, the Encore is engineered to connect to your HDTV.

Encore Media Server is very light, weighing in at just 10 pounds and it won’t cause a blackout anytime soon – it consumes only 40 watts of power! The rear panel features connections for DVI, TOSlink digital audio out, RCA audio I/O, 10/100 Ethernet, S-video, and three USB ports. There will be plenty of storage space included, as this device comes standard with a 320GB hard drive and includes the option of upgrading to a 500GB or 750GB drive. One downside is that the Encore only ships with a standard DVD player, so Blu-ray users will have to wait for that functionality. The product also lacks Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or any other wireless support.

This HTPC can read images from a CD, DVD, or external, USB-based memory card reader. It’s photo management software allows you to crop, resize, and edit your photos. There’s even an option to create slideshows. The music software allows for the ripping and burning of CD’s and setting up a digital music database. The Encore also boasts backup software, making backing up to CD, DVD, or external drive a snap.

Encore is expected to ship for a modest $2000. An additional $100 can snag you an add-on PCI card that provides digital 7.1 surround sound. With the shipping date for this welcome home theatre addition just around the corner, you’ll be upgrading your entertainment center in no time! [via]

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