How-To Video: Install a Hard Drive into Popcorn Hour


Jeremey Jones at Multimedia-PCs seems to be enjoying his $179 Popcorn Hour A-100 digital media adapter. Jeremy has just published a video demonstrating how easy it is to install a hard drive into Popcorn Hour for use with its BitTorrent downloader functionality — surprisingly, there’s a lot room to add one of these (referring to the space left available next to the micro-sized circuit board shown in the video). Note: Popcorn Hour’s website claims that the device can also be configured to work as an NAS device, when a drive is installed, to share files back and forth with other PCs on the network.

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4 Reactions to “How-To Video: Install a Hard Drive into Popcorn Hour”

  1. greg says:

    I’m a fairly regular visitor to eHomeUpgrade but haven’t heard of this until now. I did a search here but just found the Roxio Popcorn software.

    XBMC for my modified XBox has been great but I’m always looking for alternatives, especially something that will serve videos to my Sony PS3 and XBox 360. I know the PS3 supports DLNA and the Popcorn Hour web site mentions it supports DLNA too, but do you think it is a DLNA server or just a client?

    This looks much better than the Neuros OSD I bought, but it doesn’t seem to capture video.

    It also seems to support .ISO files of DVDs which I like very much.

  2. Thanks for being a regular, Greg. Yeah… I kind of let this media adapter slip through the cracks a few months back. However, there’s plenty of good reviews out there like this one at Networking Audio Video and a recent one at the Linux Action Show. As for the device working like a UPnP A/V media server, it doesn’t look like it can — just as a UPnP client.

  3. Mark says:

    Ummmm…isnt the popcorn made to have a harddrive in it? I bought one and even the instructions tell you how to install it. I wouldn’t exactly call this a “find”

  4. You’re right. It’s not anything too special. And it’s NOT a “mod” as some who’ve linked to this story have made it sound. I just thought the video was interesting because it demonstrated how easy it is to add a drive to the device to add extra functionality. That’s all. Plus, there are lot people out there who aren’t very familiar with this product and some who think it’s only a digital media streamer that handles HD content well and offers additional media from online sources.