TV Manager Windows Home Server Add-In Impresses

TV Manager for WHS

In a nutshell, TV Manager takes recordings made in Vista Media Center or MCE 2005, copies them to WHS for storage, deletes the original files from the PC, and allows PC users to playback the recordings from WHS on any video player that supports DVR-MS. Additionally, TV Manager enables users to watch their recordings in Media Center as if they were still located in the PC’s library via “Recorded TV” (neat trick). Note: TV Manager is currently in Beta and is under heavy development. You might want to check back on the developer’s blog for new updates and bug fixes like this one.

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1 Reaction to “TV Manager Windows Home Server Add-In Impresses”

  1. MitchSchaft says:

    I wonder if this would work with dvrmstoolbox for auto commercial skipping. If so, I’m all for it.