Drobo SDK Released for Public Development

Drobo SDK Development

I’ve got to congratulate Data Robotics, Inc. for deciding to open up their powerful Drobo storage platform to outside development. I was just thinking about the device other day and imagined how much more compelling Drobo would be if it bundled in UPnP A/V server functionality with the purchase of its hardware add-on, DroboShare. Well, it appears that dream is coming into fruition. With the new SDK, the company hopes to encourage developers to create innovative “DroboApps,” for use with both Drobo and DroboShare, that will offer new device capabilities like UPnP/DLNA support (available now!), iTunes music server, BitTorrent downloader, Rysnc support, FTP, Eye-Fi support and more. There’s already word that someone has created a port of Drobo Dashboard for use on Linux (finally!). Owners can expect to see downloadable apps shortly – the company is putting together an official DroboApps section on their website where tested and verified apps will be available to the public. [via]


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