Digital Home Trends Discussed in Webcast by Michael Wolf

Digital media are transforming our experience of entertainment more profoundly than at any time since the introduction of radio and television themselves. And in industrialized regions, growing numbers of consumers are seeking ways to distribute digital information and entertainment content around the home, creating wired or wireless home networks to do so.

In an audio Webcast presented by ABI Research director Michael Wolf, he assesses the implications for distribution and presentation of digital media, to and through the digitally-equipped home.

“The past was fairly easy to describe,” says Wolf. “The typical consumer absorbed content passively from analog television. But as the world becomes more digital and more complex, content delivery to tens of millions of homes is moving to digital broadcasts of high-definition content; more consumers are accessing content from mobile networks, and there has been, in all regions, a huge surge in broadband access.”

In a presentation liberally illustrated by charts and diagrams, Wolf discusses the increasing fluidity of content, the relationship of fixed to mobile devices, and users’ increasing levels of interactivity with entertainment systems and content providers.

He goes on to explore whole-home transport and distribution options, and the new opportunities these create for vendors. The Webcast covers many more topics, including the confrontation between over-the-top and pay television services, the role of content owners, regional broadband video developments, new business models, media storage, fixed-mobile convergence, network connectivity and software, and it concludes with a look at Internet video.

The “Trends in Digital Media and the Digital Home” Webcast is available for viewing on the ABI Research website (free registration on the site is required.)

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