Beyond TV 4.8.2 Released

Snapstream Beyond TV ShowSqueeze 4.8.2

SnapStream Blog has some great screenshots and details of some of the new improvements to the popular PVR application, Beyond TV 4. In release candidate 4.8.2, Beyond TV has been given: Overlap Detection, Library Folder Permissions, Web Admin Program Guide, and ShowSqueeze in HD. In summary… Overlap Detection is a function that identifies when a show is running long and continues to record it until it ends, instead of stopping at the top of the hour, for example. Library Folder Permissions is a new feature that allows the admin to give different user groups access to specific TV-rated programming (think: only G-rated content for the kids). Web Admin Programming Guide is just an embedded app in the current browser interface. And, lastly, ShowSqueeze now allows users to recompress their SD and HD recordings to WMV, DivX, or H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) to save on storage space or optimize the content for use in/with other devices.

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