Amarok Gets MP3Tunes Locker Upload and Playback Capabilities for Instant Access from the Cloud

I just got tipped off by reader John Ryding that a developer by the name of Casey Link has just submitted code to Amarok – one of the most popular music players on Linux – that will allow users to upload their stored music collection to MP3Tunes’ online Music Locker and then be able to access those tracks for playback on any PC with Amarok installed, or any other compatible device, no matter your location (will require a little configuration to access your locker remotely from another PC or device). It all seems pretty cool. What’s more, the developer states that his end goal is to have the plugin support automatic bi-directional syncing between Amarok and MP3Tunes.

Note: If you’re using Windows or OS X, MP3Tunes already has a couple plugins available for you.

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