AirRemote Univeral Remote App for iPhone Coming in July

AirRemote Interface on iPhone

We’ve all seen custom iPhone/iPod Touch remote apps from proprietary home automation and audio platforms from companies like HAI, Savant and SpeakerCraft. Now, a London-based integrator by the name of Steve Moore has announced he’ll be launching a custom iPhone/iPod Touch app, called AirRemote, that will not only work with products from popular automation vendors like AMX, Creston and others, but will also be able to work with a variety IR, serial, and contact-closure controlled devices (bonus: it’s already programmed to work with Kaleidescape Media Server and displays album/movie cover art). At this point you’re probably wondering how does the app enable the relatively simple Wi-Fi equipped iPhone/iPod Touch to do this? The answer is a stand-alone thin-client called Global Cache which actually handles the sending out of signals once it receives commands via IP from the iPhone/iPod Touch (see diagram below).

Global Cache Schematic

According to CE Pro, AirRemote will be available July 11th exclusively from the iPhone app store for $99. The Global Cache transmitter will retail for about $100. No word on who the distributor(s) for the Global Cache box will be, but a quick search on Google turns up this company.

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3 Reactions to “AirRemote Univeral Remote App for iPhone Coming in July”

  1. bays says:

    that interface is pretty ugly though. paging left and right is so easy on an iphone … why everything has to be crammed in to fit like that i dont know

  2. DimmerBoy says:

    Apple. HMPH. That’ll never catch on. Look out AMX & Crestron. The tide is changing.

  3. uk installer says:

    this has the makings of a very good product ( if it was done by anyone else than steve moore, who is a waste of space ). the hardware is available, so i think in a very short time someone who knows what they are about will produce te right software – treate air remote as an early beta product – the real product will be released with in a year