Pure Networks Unveils Speed Meter Pro to Help Pinpoint Network Bottlenecks

Pure Networks Speed Meter Pro Screenshot

If you’ve ever been frustrated by different PCs in your home operating at different levels in regard to connectivity and data transfer performance, you might want to take Speed Meter Pro from Pure Networks for a spin. The $39.99 program for Windows XP/Vista monitors up to 8 PCs and can provide a variety information to help users identify and troubleshoot network performance issues. The program can also provide a complete visual picture of everything connected on your network and offer instant alerts, in case any problem should arise. Think of it as your 24/7 network diagnostic monitor.

Product features include:

View your entire network configuration and performance in one place

  • View the Device Dashboard with traffic flow and program data to see how network resources are being used
  • Quickly identify slowdowns and pinpoint issues on your local network, your wireless router or Internet that affect performance
  • Receive alerts, details, and status information for every component of your network
  • Visually see devices and software programs that are using your network

Manage the performance for all of your home network connections

  • Analyze your wireless connection to make sure you are getting maximum speed with the best throughput
  • Check traffic volume and connection status of everything connected in your home network
  • Track favorite websites and their performance to see if connection issues are due to your network, website problems or a general slowing of the Internet
  • Set alerts to track if a connection status is slow, interrupted or down
  • View a 30-day history of download and upload speeds to track specific performance trends and causes
  • Get real time data on traffic flow and speed between your computer and other computers on your network and between your computer and Internet

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