Apple Invests in Home Automation App for the iPhone


Automated Home reports that Apple has selected home automation technology company iControl to receive part of the $100 million in Venture Capital set aside for the iFund. The new Home Security 2.0 product from iControl will be ported and expanded to operate on the iPhone.

The new application will allow users to control their home security panels, IP cameras, sensors, and Z-Wave-based home automation devices. This includes devices such as lighting, door locks, thermostats, and much more.  Further value is added with the addition of broadband and cellular communication to central monitoring stations, thus making Home Security 2.0 a powerful contender in the market.

For those unfamiliar, the iFund from KPCB is a $100M investment initiative that aims to fund revolutionary extensions for the iPhone. At this time, only 2 of the 1,700 reported applicant submissions have been approved to benefit from the iFund. 

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4 Reactions to “Apple Invests in Home Automation App for the iPhone”

  1. lionel says:

    nothing new, client is a browser compatible with http/html. wifi is use for acces to a web server that interface with x10 zwave IR device. Homeseer use ASP server much customizable from girder where technology use lua script. All this need that server ( mac ) support all device driver and client support all javascript spec implemented by AJAX. Note that some x10 driver like CM15 Pro from active Home don’t let you use all the functionnality of their device accessible from third software (application or web server/client).
    apple is a nexstep POSIX unix system so the question is to know if many x10 driver exist on mac/linux . in aout 2008 homeautomation ( software driver) on mac is vaporware !!
    stream video or audio could be achieve today using upnp protocol

  2. Samuel says:

    I think its fair to say the prior post is the reason why this really hasn’t taken off, all that technical talk puts people off. When Apple get a hold of this technology they will bring it to everybody.

  3. Ruslan says:

    There’s a lot more applications of that nature available for iPhone already. Every major manufacturer of home automation systems provides either native application or web-based interface for iPhone.

    Check out The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone at

  4. Sam Clark says:

    i am quite impressed by their service too. it looks as they are real professionals.