A Chat about the Sofaside PC Concept with Adrian Robins

Sofaside PC with Chassis Out

I was fortunate enough to get an email from Adrian Robins (aka Oakman 1000), owner of Pearing Systems and the mind behind the Sofaside PC concept that we previously covered, which lead to a phone conversation that I’m sure many of you will be interested in hearing. We discuss the inspiration for the concept, production, and challenges in bringing the Sofaside PC to market. The attached audio conversation runs 9 minutes and 44 seconds long.

Listen Now: (MP3 – 00:09:44)

Sofaside PC Sliding Tray Closeups

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  1. […] I just got pinged by Pearing-CORE Systems notifying me that their innovative MEdiaCOre Enclosure is now available to the mass consumer public online. What’s interesting is that the company has decided to get into the high-end Media Center PC business as well with their offering. So not only can you pick up the MEdiaCOre Enclosure ($3,200) with its custom PC chassis to bring-your-own PC components, you can also opt for a pre-configured DLS ($6,100 starting) or DLS+ ($7,100 starting) system running Vista Media Center. The note also mentions that Pearing-CORE Systems will be showing at the Electronics Home Expo this November and at CES next year. If you’re new to the product you might want to catch up here and here. […]