Want to Play Crysis on Your PS3? Using StreamMyGame, You Can

streammygameIf your PS3 is at the center of your living room, and you’ve got an uber-powerful PC elsewhere on your network, then you’re half-way to playing Crysis (amongst other PC games) on your PS3. How is this possible? Using StreamMyGame, you can do it, and for free at that (via BoomTown). As with anything in life, though, there is a catch.

First off, StreamMyGame accomplishes this amazing feat of gaming chicanery by streaming audio and video across your network. So, your PS3 is acting more like a video/audio receiver than a gaming system. Also, you’ve got to have your PS3 running Linux in order to use the StreamMyGame player. Right now, your PS3 and your PC must be on the same network, although StreamMyGame is planning to allow remote play via broadband connections. Also, don’t expect full-blown HD without having to pay. The free version only supports 640×480 resolution, while the Premium service suppports 720p HiDef for a relatively paltry $9.99 for one year. The Unlimited 1 year cost of $19.99 gets you video at whatever resolution your PC and your network can handle. So, if you’d love to see your killer PC games on your HD TV in the living room, your PS3 may be able to make that happen.

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  1. SpencerAR says:

    I honestly cannot remember…is there any one particular (or preferred) flavor of Linux for the PS/3? I’m partial to Ubuntu, myself.