eHU Giveaway: Big Screen Photos 2 & Big Screen Weather 2 for Windows Vista MCE

bigscreenglobal big screen photos 2 and weather 2 screenshotsBoy, do we have a fantastic little giveaway for all our Windows Vista Media Center users! has hooked us up with four full licenses of its newly finalized Big Screen Photos 2 and Big Screen Weather 2. So what we are going to do is give away a set of both products to two lucky winners on January 31st.

Giveaway Requirements:
Reply to this post’s forum thread to be considered and have at least 5 forum posts to your name that were created within the last 30 days before the giveaway end date.

Once winners are selected we will shoot them an email, which they have to respond to within 10 days. If no response is received, another person will be selected at random. Good Luck!

Highlights: Big Screen Photos 2

  • Access Yahoo! flickr on your Television
  • Browse,view and search online photos
  • Access yours/friends photos, contacts and profiles
  • Drill down on photo + user details
  • Geo browse photos on a 3d world map
  • Media center extender compatible

Hightlights: Big Screen Weather 2

  • Latest Real-time Global Weather Observations
  • 3-7 Day Weather Forecasts
  • ‘TV Weather’ Style presentation
  • Animated Satellite, Radar Imagery and Charts
  • Media center extender compatible

WINNERS: jennyfur & millpub

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10 Reactions to “eHU Giveaway: Big Screen Photos 2 & Big Screen Weather 2 for Windows Vista MCE”

  1. MitchSchaft says:

    Reply confirmed :D

  2. jennyfur says:

    Wow, great contest guys! As a recent VMC convert, I’d love to win this. The Big Screen series of plugins is easily the best looking stuff out there for VMC.


  3. diggityDawg says:

    Here’s my reply! I guess I better get busy posting messages in the forum…

  4. Vernon Vincent says:

    And here’s my reply.

    Question – does anyone know about the status of Big Screen Movies?

  5. aperry says:

    Please enter me for the contest. I’m loving this Vista Media Center thing, and these look like they’d be a great addition!

  6. will25u says:

    Would love to add this to my HTPC when I get it built. Currently deployed to Iraq, and trying to get away from some of the cost of Cable. Will be building it on my leave in Feb. So, like I said, this would be a GREAT addition to my Vista Media Center! Thanks.

  7. hubertk says:

    I would love to use one of these packages!

  8. SpencerAR says:

    More software to let my PC do the work of my TiVo…which is connected to my PC so that it can do the work of my PC…which could do more of the work of my TiVo…

    Why do I feel like I’m reading the instructions on a bottle of shampoo? ;-)


  9. millpub says:

    I just recently stumbled upon eHU and have added it do my daily news list. Always looking for new places to help me keep tabs on the MCE scene.

  10. Congrats to jennyfur & millpub for being our winners! Thanks everyone for participating and adding their comments to the news items of the day. We hope to have another giveaway for next month, so stay tuned.