DirecTV PC Tuner Finally Makes an Appearance

hdpc20 frontFor years, Media Center users have had to make due with sub-par solutions for integrating satellite TV into Windows MCE. First, you had to control channel changing with wonky IR blasters. Then, you had to have the satellite receiver(s) next to your MCE box so that you could run S-video or composite cables into a tuner card. And if you wanted Hi-Def content from Satellite, you’re just plain out of luck. It’s little wonder that most MCE users tend to use cable over satellite. DirecTV knew this and had promised to work on a solution. Well, according to TV Squad, the solution appears to be coming very soon. Interestingly, the details of the PC Tuner for DirecTV weren’t released at the just-concluded CES convention. Rather, the details were leaked via a brochure screenshots (front, back) posted on the DBS Talk forums.

Since the device hasn’t been officially released by DirecTV, details are somewhat scarce. What is known is that it will connect via USB and it will (of course) be compatible with Media Center. Pricing, availability and release date are still unknown. However, for Media Center users who have been stuck with cable companies for content, the lack of details is probably overshadowed by the outburst of hope that this solution offers. Let’s hope DirecTV can get this unit in consumers hands very soon.

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2 Reactions to “DirecTV PC Tuner Finally Makes an Appearance”

  1. jennyfur says:

    I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this. Any excuse to get rid of cable! However, it has to be more reliable than cablecard. My hopes were big for that and they have been smashed throughout the past year. Here’s hoping the same won’t happen with the DirecTV unit. But since there’s no details yet, I can’t get too excited.

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