CES 2008: zBoot Cell Phone Range Extender

zboost cell zone

If your house is a cell phone dead zone like mine is Wi-Ex claims to have the perfect solution. Their flagship zBoost Cell Zone hardware couples an antenna mounted on the side of your home or office with a signal booster acting as your own personal Verizon Wireless guy. Instead of dashing for the back porch when my phone rings, the zBoost product pictured here is supposed to improve call quality for up to 2500 square feet. An in-car version and a more personal sized version for buildings are also available. All U.S. cell phone carriers are compatible with zBoost hardware, except Nextel. I like the idea of better reception at home, but retail prices starting at $169 MSRP for the version that covers a 6ft radius ($399 for a dual-band 2500 square foot model) make me wonder if the fresh air wouldn’t be better for me.

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  1. christy says:

    i need this desperately, as well as my parents, their house is a complete cell dead zone, me i just have trouble with a weak signal in some places, but price is a for sure trouble, and how does it really work….sure it works for some, but a guarantee that it works on my network.