CES 2008: Alienware Wraparound Screen


Details are spotty about this Alienware wraparound screen on display at the Pepcom Digital Experience event at CES. I’ve never thought of Alienware as a display manufacturer, but if this is what they’ve got to offer, I might be convinced they know what they’re doing. The product reps had no documentation and provided no official specs, making me wonder if this isn’t some flashy concept screen rather than a soon to be shipping product. I don’t see much need for this in daily computing, but if it’s real, who wouldn’t want a mini-IMAX theater on their gaming desktop? I have yet to see a video solution that deals well with the concept of peripheral vision – this just might solve the problem. Viewed at an extreme angle the screen looked to be 5 discreet video screen areas all stitched together in a seamless front view. It uses a Dual SLI connection for video processing and while I’m not a hardcore gamer, I was impressed with the way video rendered in the demo playing at the booth.

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  1. Gizmodo has some video footage and added photo angles of this beast. It looks amazing… but the price, I fear, is going to be out of reach for most consumers. Also, how many games are out there that can take advantage of such a wide format?