eHomeUpgrade "Digital Home to the Max" Award 2007

ehomeupgrade digital home to the max award 2007

In recognition of their ingenuity and inventiveness for creating an uber-connected DIY Digital Home like no other, we are awarding Steve Lindsay, Simon Smith, and Paul Webber with our first annual “Digital Home to the Max” award. Let their projects be inspiration on what you can accomplish with some planning and little hard work. The following projects showcase systems that playback and record A/V content throughout the home, manage home automation tasks, and offer remote access on portable devices and computers.

Steve Lindsay, US (Microsoft Employee/Enthusiast)

Simon Smith, UK (Enthusiast, ZDNet Homebrew Challenge Winner)

Paul Webber, US (LinuxMCE Creator/Hacker/Enthusiast)

* Know of others we should add as honorable mentions? Please feel free to add them to the comments.

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  1. hubertk says:

    good choice! alhough I’m missing the “integration” thinkin n some fwhat they’e doing