eHomeUpgrade 2007 Readership Survey Results

survey resultsIt was about three months ago when we first announced the readership survey on eHomeUpgrade. I’m happy to say the results have been both eye-opening and unexpected. Highlights: The average reader has three PCs connected to their home network, their primary OS is Windows (but they’re also interested in learning more about the other platforms), has almost two streaming media devices in use, is definitely considering a central home media server solution, is mildly interested in portable media players/internet tablets, and is extremely uncomfortable (a whopping 80%) with buying DRM-encumbered digital media, though subscriptions services did pique some respondents interest.

* In case you’re curious what the publisher of this site thinks, I have posted an entry with further thoughts and reactions on my personal blog.

Reader Survey: April – June 2007
Over 65 1.87%
55 – 64 7.48%
45 – 54 12.15%
35 – 44 35.51%
25 – 34 37.38%
18 – 24 2.80%
Under 18 2.80%
Female 2.80%
Male 97.20%
Some High School 3.74%
High School Grad 3.74%
Some College 24.30%
College Grad 35.51%
Post-Grad Work 8.41%
Post-Grad Degree 24.30%
Household Income
Over $100k 46.60%
$75k – $99.9k 24.27%
$50k – $74.9k 15.53%
$35k – $49.9k 6.80%
$20k – $34.9k 2.91%
Under $20k 3.88%
Primary PC Operating System
GNU/Linux 5.61%
Macintosh 6.54%
Windows 87.85%
How many PCs do you have connected to your home network?
Average 2.96%
Do you like reading about other platform developments besides your primary one?
No 17.14%
Yes 82.86%
Do you currently have a mixed PC platform home environment (or considering it)?
No 41.12%
Yes 58.88%
How many digital media adapters do you have connected to your home network?
Average 1.45%
Do you prefer to have your network devices work with only one PC platform, or be compatible with all?
With just one 14.29%
With all, if possible 85.71%
How likely are you to use a home media server as your central storage solution?
Very 60.00%
Somewhat 35.29%
Not at all 4.71%
How likely are you to use an Internet tablet, Ultra Mobile PC, or wifi-enabled Portable Media Player in your home?
Somewhat 48.78%
Not at all 20.73%
Are you comfortable with buying (not renting) digital media with DRM restrictions?
No 80.00%
Yes 20.00%
How likely are you to sign-up for a subscription digital download movie or music service?
Very 16.04%
Somewhat 49.06%
Not at all 34.91%
Do you like the combination of blog-style posts and news releases?
No 10.68%
Yes 89.32%
Should the site stick to blog-style posts exclusively?
No 78.64%
Yes 21.36%
Should the site change format and offer user-generated content similar to digg exclusively?
No 82.52%
Yes 17.48%

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