RICAVISION Debuts RICA100 Media Center Remote Control for Windows SideShow

ricavision rica100 previewRicavision International Inc. successfully introduced a Microsoft Reference Design for a Remote Control for Windows SideShow at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada, last January 2007. Now, Ricavision is working hard to roll out its own Remote Control for Windows SideShow, Model RICA100, in August, 2007. RICA100 has incorporated many improvements in the Bluetooth operation range and connection stability, and employs more functional buttons and integrated controls.

The new RICA100 has the new improved Windows SideShow firmware and a new Bluetooth antenna. The new Bluetooth hardware has resulted in a more stable connection to Windows Vista, and making the operation range from 30 feet to 300 feet.

RICA100 now features more Microsoft-recommended buttons, mainly for better control of the Windows Media Center in Windows Vista. The new buttons include REC TV button for viewing recorded TV on the PC, LIVE TV button for viewing live TV on the PC, and a DVD MENU button. The PLAY and PAUSE buttons are now compatible with Media Center Extender requirements. Also, Teletext buttons have been added to meet the European market requirements. These buttons can be used as software defined buttons for other markets. On the right side there is a new scroll switch for scrolling up and down the LCD screen. On the left side are the mode selection switch and the mini USB port. The mode selection switch allows the user to select between SideShow mode and Media Center mode. With the switch, the center transport button can be used either for SideShow or for Media Center. An indicator on the top left side will light up blue when the remote is in SideShow mode.

Ricavision also paid special attention to improving the RC6+Bluetooth receiver and the docking cradle. As a result, RICA100 now comes with a single integrated docking cradle/RC6+Bluetooth Class 1 receiver. This new receiver/cradle is contemporary, simplistic, and sleek. It is a one of the best of Ricavision’s recent innovations.

“Ricavision has taken to heart our vision of bringing Windows Vista and Windows SideShow-enabled devices to the homes of millions, and the result after a few short weeks of intense effort is a trio of compelling new devices,” said Greg Parks, development manager and architect for Windows SideShow at Microsoft Corp. “We continue to be impressed by Ricavision’s capabilities.”

“Ricavision is very excited to present the new remote control for SideShow,
RICA100, and is working diligently to improve the remote controls for the future,” said Alicia Mellor, VP of Sales. “We believe this new remote control for SideShow will greatly enhance our customer’s digital entertainment experience.”

Price & Availability
The RICAVISION RICA100 Windows Vista SideShow Remote Control with RC6/BT charging cradle features an MSRP of $299 available in August of 2007.

About Ricavision International, Inc.
Ricavision Internal, Inc. (www.ricavision.com), is a leading IT and CE convergence technology company based on the Microsoft solutions. Ricavision is uniquely positioned by having both the Windows Vista green button OEM license and the Windows Sideshow ODM license for Windows Vista. Ricavision is well-known industry wide due to its innovative technologies, since it is the one of first companies to develop Home Theater PCs based on Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition. Ricavision is a privately held company incorporated in California.

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