Intel, DIRECTV Poised to Connect PCs and TVs in U.S.

directv plus hd dvr

Intel Corporation and DIRECTV, Inc., the nation’s leading satellite television service provider, today unveiled details around the world’s first digital set-top box with integrated digital media adapter (DMA) functionality verified to work with Intel® Viiv™ technology. Through the integrated DMA, the DIRECTV digital set-top box will allow customers to access and enjoy their pictures and music on their TVs directly from Intel Viiv technology-based PCs.

In a keynote at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini retraced the two companies’ partnership that was first announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. He also detailed plans for DIRECTV’s new set-top box, the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR, which marks the first time a major service provider has endorsed an integrated DMA deployment in the home through a set-top box, which could be deployed to customers virtually overnight via a software download starting in December. Otellini reinforced that the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR is in the final stages of Intel Viiv technology testing and verification.

Delivering the ability to record and view 200 hours of standard definition content or 50 hours of MPEG 4 high-definition programming, the new DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver verified with Intel Viiv technology will enable consumers to access and enjoy new experiences that combine the best of the TV with the best of the PC.

“With a simple software download, DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR customers nationwide can enjoy on their TV favorite photos and music albums that have been tucked away on their PCs,” said Kevin Corbett, vice president of Intel’s Digital Home Group and general manager of the company’s Content Services Group. “Having the nation’s leading satellite television service provider with a 15 million and growing customer base introduce the world’s first Intel Viiv technology-verified set-top box is a significant milestone, accelerating the number of connected digital homes.”

“Intel Viiv technology delivers the power, simplicity and functionality to connect these products in an easy and seamless fashion so DIRECTV customers can enjoy their favorite digital content in the living room,” said Romulo Pontual, chief technology officer at DIRECTV. “Our strategic relationship with Intel, and joint commitment to an industry standards-based approach for securely delivering a premium TV experience on multiple devices, will ensure that DIRECTV customers have the flexibility to view content when, where and how they want it.”

The two companies expect this capability to accelerate the adoption of connected digital homes by providing a substantial footprint of interoperable set-top boxes and PCs.

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3 Reactions to “Intel, DIRECTV Poised to Connect PCs and TVs in U.S.”

  1. kaseiffert says:

    Music and pictures only ehh… It would be cool if they had video support especially h264 and/or xvid, but I can see why they wouldn’t.

  2. I wish it was UPnP/DLNA compliant and bundled MediaMall. Intel Viiv only — blah. As of right now, Intel Viiv connectivity is only supported via a Windows PC with Viiv’s Integrated Media Server software. Why leave Apple and Linux users out?

    The one benefit by going the Viiv route is that users will be able to access DRM-wrapped content from their PCs. Whoopee.

  3. kaseiffert says:

    I agree… but Intel tieing a product like viiv to M$ isn’t exactly a suprise. I can’t see Intel going out on a ledge (heh like viiv is a ledge) without the backing of some other major corp. Microsoft, Apple, or something… Which is why htis is partnered with Direct TV, and why you will never see official support for linux either. :(