Akimbo Internet VOD Player Available in October

akimbo playerAkimbo Systems Inc. has set an October launch date for their Internet Video-On-Demand Akimbo Player (originally was supposed to be available this Summer). Akimbo also revealed it’s pricing structure and series of new content partners. The product, which does not require a PC to operate, allows users to easily select content to download (encoded and copy-protected in Windows Media Video 9 format) from the Akimbo user-interface called the “Akimbo Guide.” Content categories include Movies, Sports, Music, TV & Video, Kids, Lifestyle, Foreign Language, and After Dark. Featured partners like IFILM, CinemaNow, and Danni’s Hard Drive (porn channel) are sure to have content for everyone’s tastes, especially Internet video junkies who now have an easy way to watch their favorite videos from the comfort of their living room.

The player which can store around 200 hours of video on its 80GB hard drive will cost $299 and require an Akimbo service subscription. Two subscription models a-la TiVo are available: monthly $9.99 or lifetime $199. Unfortunately, the subscription does not cover the cost of premium content which will cost you extra. We’re guessing users will have an account that will automatically get billed when selecting premium content to download. Rumor has it that TiVo is working on a similar service, but Microsoft’s Media Center Edition OS are already has similar capabilities built into their “Online Spotlight” feature, in case you didn’t know.


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